Encounter millions of Monarch Butterflies in their winter migration habitat

Monarch Butterfly Winter Sanctuaries

This enchanting trip offers the wonderful variety of a large historical colonial city, small colorful folk art villages and a visit to the winter sanctuaries of 30-40 million Monarch Butterflies. The focus will be on the Monarch Butterflies and their miraculous 2500 miles journey from Canada to Michoacán in central Mexico to pass the winter in the Western Sierra Madre Mountain Range. End of Jan-mid March is the best time to visit the sanctuaries. If you cannot fit into the group tour dates, we can offer you a custom itinerary.
This enchanting trip offers the wonderful variety of a privileged visit to two of the protected sanctuaries of the Monarch Butterflies, colonial history, and the unique small colorful folk art villages of Michoacán with centuries-old traditions still alive today. Morelia itself is its own attraction. The home of New Spain nobility during the colonial period, it preserves precious pre-Hispanic traditions in its cuisine, attire and handicrafts. All hotels are very comfortable and located in the heart of the historic districts.
It is suitable for anyone in good health that is able to walk a lot at high elevations of 9500-11,000 ft. above sea level and has a spirit of adventure to enjoy off-the-beaten-track places. El Rosario Monarch Sanctuary is a mile through the parking lot and a difficult mile up into the sanctuary where the butterflies are. The uphill mile hike/walk to the colony is mostly paved trail and it takes 30-45 minutes each way, depending on your speed and acclimation. Sierra Chincua Monarch Sanctuary often requires walking and horses to get in as the butterflies can be four to five miles inside the sanctuary. The trail leading to the butterflies is relatively level, somewhat paved.